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About Solar Meridian off grid systems

Solar Meridian has over 25 years experience designing and installing solar, wind and battery back up systems, on and off grid. Our experience comes from two areas, designing back up systems for critical areas like server rooms that just can not fail. We also have experience in designing and installing electrical systems for transatlantic sailing yachts, controlling batteries, generators, solar and wind - true off grid.

Designing an off grid system for you

All our off grid systems are designed to meet your needs. If you have no connection to the grid, you don't have to live like a hermit ! You can have a custom designed off grid system to suit your location and lifestyle, we can provide power for internet, wifi, ovens, fridges, washing machines etc.

Our off grid solutions range from simple power supply to an electric gate, lighting to full support to a house or office.

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Solar Meridian has been installing Solar PV systems and battery storage for almost 10 years. Based near Grantham, Lincolnshire, we can install your solar or battery storage anywhere in the UK. Solar Meridian is one of the top suppliers in the area, offering quality products as well as a variety solar related  services at the most competitive prices in the market.

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Solar battery storage systems

Solar Meridian's experience in battery storage includes transatlantic marine systems, server rooms, off grid and solar. Clients who decide to work with us can take advantage of our experience in battery storage systems.  Please get in touch to learn more about our battery storage services and prices.

Solar Panel Installation


Hybrid systems

A hybrid battery storage system can easily be connected to your existing PV panels or to a completely separate new system. The inverter would be replaces by a 'hybrid' inverter which is like your existing inverter, converting DC from the panels and making AC to use or export to the grid. The hybrid inverter also automatically charges the battery system instead of exporting it to the grid, so it can be used when the sun has set - simple! 

The hybrid inverter can also provide power during a power cut allowing critical systems to carry on functioning, like your central heating, internet, wifi or freezer etc. These battery storage systems are not new, they have been used on yachts for many years.

Prices have dropped for battery storage systems and electricity has gone up.

Solar Panel Repair



Solar with back-up generator charger

Off grid systems can range from solar powered flood lights with batteries, barns with lights and power or entire house battery systems.

Smaller off grid systems are charged by solar only but larger systems can be set up to primarily be charged by solar but may also have a small generator as a back up charger. The heart of the system is the lithium batteries, the solar and mini generator are only used to charge the batteries. The advantage of lithium batteries is that they can cope with large loads that would stall a generator and they can be charged rapidly.

These systems have been used in yachts and mobile vehicles for years, the technology is tried and tested, the difference now is the lithium batteries and chargers are so powerful it is easily possible to live off grid.


Our solutions are powerful but simple

Solar Meridian has been an industry-leading Solar Energy equipment supplier and installer for almost 10 years. We only offer our customers the highest quality products available on the market at best prices you’ll find anywhere in the Lincolnshire area. All our systems are powerful but simple to use and maintain  Want to know more? Get in touch with a member of our team today.

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